“Hidden Room” In Epstein House Filled With Nude Pics, Claims Survivor

Virginia Giuffre also mentioned the room had a large painting of her and another girl engaging in what she called “salacious acts.”

Virginia Giuffre, a key figure in the Jeffrey Epstein case, has claimed that the disgraced financier had a room named “the dungeon” in his New York City townhouse. 

In her testimony, Giuffre described that there were “nude photographs” of victims on Mr Epstein’s desk and around the space, reported Yahoo News. She also mentioned the room had a large painting of her and another girl engaging in what she called “salacious acts.” 

“So there were pictures on his desk in the office and around that room, and then there’s this room that I refer to as the dungeon and that had a huge photograph of me and another girl, I mean huge as in bigger than that wall cabinet,” her testimony read. 

“There is a painting of both of us doing salacious acts together,” the report quoted Giuffre’s testimony. 

When asked to clarify the term “salacious acts,” she responded, “Sexual acts, you know what I’m saying?” 

According to Giuffre, there were “nude photographs” of victims displayed throughout the property.

She explained that these explicit photographs were present in various places, including the entertainment room, Ghislaine Maxwell’s office, and Epstein’s bedroom. When asked if guests on the island might have seen these images, she confirmed, “To the best of my understanding, yes.”

She testified, “My assumption is there is at least 50 photographs on that table, some with nude photographs, some with girls in raunchy, forgive me when I say raunchy, I mean lingerie photos mixed in with Jeffrey [Epstein] and some of the privileged people he’s met, such as, you know, I don’t know, like old girlfriends or models or Naomi Campbell or whatever the case is; but among all of those photographs would be nude photographs.”

Giuffre also revealed that a “hidden room” in Epstein’s massage room was filled floor to ceiling with nude photos, accompanied by many boxes containing additional explicit photographs.  

Recently, unsealed documents from a 2015 lawsuit by Virginia Giuffre against Epstein’s former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell reveal unsettling details about alleged abuse by the sex offender, reported AP.

Giuffre, who sued Epstein for abuse in various locations, claimed she was pressured into engaging in sexual activities with influential figures associated with Epstein, including Prince Andrew, Governor Bill Richardson, Senator George Mitchell, and billionaire Glenn Dubin. 

Despite denying all the accusations, Prince Andrew settled a $12 million lawsuit with Giuffre in 2022, the report added. 

The released documents include about 250 records with redacted sections to protect privacy. Approximately 40 documents have been made public, with more expected to be revealed soon.

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