Epstein’s Partner Swam Nude On Island, Forced Girls To Massage Her: Report

Johanna Sjoberg, a 20-year-old student recruited by Ghislaine Maxwell, revealed that she was compensated £200 for each massage session.

The newly released documents reveal shocking details about disgraced British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell’s activities on Jeffrey Epstein’s private island.

The deposition alleges that Ms Maxwell swam naked while recruits were made to massage her in various compromising situations, reports Daily Mail.

The recruits involved in these activities were referred to by Ms Maxwell as her “children.”

Johanna Sjoberg, a 20-year-old student recruited by Ms Maxwell, revealed that she was compensated £200 for each massage session with the pair. She also disclosed that the payment increased by £100 when she engaged in explicit activities with Epstein.

In her 2016 deposition, Ms Sjoberg mentioned giving around five to ten massages to Ms Maxwell, during which Ms Maxwell was naked under a towel. In one instance, Ms Sjoberg recalled Epstein entering the room during a massage and touching Ms Maxwell inappropriately. She said, “I do recall an instance where I was massaging her and Jeffrey [Epstein] came into the room and he did something sort of sexual to her, whether it was fondling her or slapping her butt or something, and she brushed him off like she was embarrassed.”

When asked if Ms Maxwell was ever naked or topless by the pool, Ms Sjoberg couldn’t recall but mentioned her being naked when swimming in the ocean.

Talking about the massages she gave Epstein, she said she was naked “25 to 50 percent” of the time. However, Ms Sjoberg clarified that Ms Maxwell never acted sexually towards her.

Johanna Sjoberg revealed that she had agreed to bring at least three girls to Epstein’s island, and Ms Maxwell financially rewarded her for them. Ms Sjoberg explained, “I did bring one girl… that I had worked with at a restaurant. And I recall Ghislaine giving me money to bring her over; however, they never called her to come.”

Providing graphic details about another girl’s interaction with Epstein, she recounted, “At one point he lifted up her shirt and exposed her bra, and she grabbed it and pulled it down.”

In other unsettling details, Ms Sjoberg provided additional insight into the dynamics between Ghislaine Maxwell and the girls on the island. According to Ms Sjoberg, Ghislaine Maxwell would kiss all the girls before bed and refer to them as her “children.” Furthermore, Ms Sjoberg alleged that Ms Maxwell frequently suggested that having other girls present relieved her from sexual pressures.

In previously released documents, Ms Sjoberg testified that she started working for Epstein in 2001 at the age of 20, having been recruited by Ms Maxwell as a personal assistant. She claimed that she was made to perform sexual acts immediately.

Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty in December 2021 and is now facing a 20-year prison sentence. She was convicted of helping Jeffrey Epstein in trafficking women and girls for sexual abuse.

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