What Unsealed Jeffrey Epstein Documents Say About Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking hasn’t been accused of sexual misconduct involving Jeffrey Epstein.

The unsealing of the Epstein files has shocked many across the world. While some of the names were doing the rounds for weeks, the popping of others were surprising. Among them is Stephen Hawking, the renowned theoretical physicist and one of the greatest minds. As soon as the documents were unsealed by a New York judge, a debate started on social media on Mr Hawking. As per the Miami Herald, the release of the documents comes following a years-long legal fight. Epstein died in prison in 2019. His death was officially ruled a suicide.

As for Mr Hawking, his name was mentioned in an email Epstein sent to his associate Ghislaine Maxwell in January 2015. People Magazine said in a report that Epstein, the convicted sex offender, spoke about offering a reward to disprove a purported allegation made by Virginia Giuffre that Stephen Hawking had taken part in an “underage orgy”, as per the documents.

“You can issue a reward to any of Virginia’s friends acquaints family that come forward and help prove her allegations are false. The strongest is the Clinton dinner, and the new version in the Virgin Islands that Steven Hawking participated in an underage orgy,” Epstein wrote in the email.

People said Mr Hawking visited Epstein’s private Caribbean island as part of a science trip in March 2006, months before the disgraced financier was first charged with sex offences.

The Independent said in a report that Mr Hawking even got a ride on a customised submarine. He and other scientists were attending a conference, funded by Epstein, on gravity on the island.

Mr Hawking hasn’t been accused of sexual misconduct involving Epstein. He died in 2018 at the age of 76 after a lifelong battle with ALS.

So far, two batches of documents have been released and more are expected to come out.

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