“Never Met Him Nor…”: Cameron Diaz Amid Epstein Files Storm

Now, Cameron Diaz has reacted to the report. The actress has firmly denied any association with Mr Epstein.

Several Hollywood stars and A-listers, including Cameron Diaz and Leonardo DiCaprio, have been mentioned in newly released legal documents connected to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Now, Cameron Diaz has reacted to the report. The actress has firmly denied any association with Mr Epstein.

A representative for the actress told ET, “Cameron [Diaz] never met Jeffrey Epstein, nor was she ever in the same place as him or had any association with him whatsoever, regardless of the fact he may or may not have mentioned her name or implied that he knew her.”

New York Judge Loretta A Preska has revealed over 170 names connected to Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, and their properties as part of declassified files being made public.

Notable names in the documents include Cate Blanchett, Prince Andrew, Stephen Hawking, Kevin Spacey, Bruce Willis and Star Wars actor George Lucas.

According to the document, Mr Epstein’s accuser Johanna Sjoberg was asked by a lawyer about meeting Cate Blanchett or Leonardo DiCaprio. She responded, “I did not meet them, no. When I spoke about them, it was when I was massaging him [Epstein], and he would get off – he would be on the phone a lot at that time, and one time he said: ‘Oh, that was Leonardo,’ or, ‘That was Cate Blanchett or Bruce Willis.’ That kind of thing.” She clarified that she has not met any of the actors mentioned.

On Friday, over 130 additional court files were unsealed, shedding more light on Jeffrey Epstein’s history of sexual abuse with underage girls and his connections with celebrities. The documents include testimonies from Epstein’s associates, copies of received phone messages (including one from Harvey Weinstein), and legal memos analysing potential trial witnesses.

These records are related to a defamation lawsuit filed in 2015 by a victim, Virginia Giuffre, against Epstein’s girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell. The lawsuit ended with a settlement in 2017. Maxwell, later found guilty, is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence. The released documents provide detailed insights into Epstein’s actions and interactions with those involved in the case.

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