Bill Clinton Likes Them Young

The unsealed documents, including nearly 1,000 pages of depositions and statements, implicate many high-profile individuals such as former US presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

A New York judge has begun the process of unsealing court documents related to the notorious sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, shedding light on previously undisclosed details and prominent names associated with the case. 

The unsealed documents, including nearly 1,000 pages of depositions and statements, implicate many high-profile individuals such as former US presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. The first batch of unsealed documents, released on Wednesday, is part of a larger set expected to include almost 200 names, ranging from Epstein’s accusers to influential figures in business and politics.

Among the notable figures mentioned in the unsealed documents is Bill Clinton, who had reportedly flown on Epstein’s private plane. An Epstein accuser, Johanna Sjoberg, in her 2016 deposition, recounted Epstein’s claim that “Clinton likes them young.”

Clinton reportedly has been referred to more than 50 times in the redacted documents as “John Doe 36.”

Clinton’s spokesperson clarified that it has been nearly two decades since Clinton last had contact with Epstein, emphasising that Clinton has not faced any accusations of criminal activity in relation to him.

Court documents unveiled an email from Epstein to Ghislaine Maxwell, his associate, proposing a reward to disprove allegations made by Virginia Giuffre. The email outlines a plan to counter Giuffre’s claims, including the sensational allegation that physicist Stephen Hawking participated in an underage orgy. However, Epstein’s emails to Maxwell refute that claim. 

Sjoberg’s deposition also included a mention of Donald Trump, with Epstein allegedly suggesting they contact Trump during a flight. 

The relationship between Maxwell and Epstein evolved from a romantic connection in the early 1990s to a disturbing partnership in sex crimes spanning nearly three decades.

Epstein, a well-connected financier in the United States and abroad, faced accusations of sexually assaulting young girls. However, his suicide by hanging in a New York prison in August 2019 abruptly halted the legal proceedings against him.

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